rellen (rellen) wrote,

ah, the joys of stress

I'm not the only one feeling it. We'va ALL been busy this week. The professor even war a shirt procaliming:
"I am a geologist.
Forgive me my faults
as I am under a lot of stress
and pore pressure"

Ha. He, it turns out, is an old high school football star. It fits. He said his thirty year high school reunion is in a couple of years, which puts him in his mid-forties, as I suspected.

In other news, I'm a tired bitch. I don't know if it's that I'm over-worked, or if it's the result of some sort of tummy bug I brought back with me from the Sierras, but I have been gru-u-mpy.

Got my poster printed out, but forgot to pick up my check. I guess that means I won;t be at risk of spending it before rent comes due.

Mouth is healing up nicely, except for the bottome lip, which is still solidy numb on my right side. Every now and then I get a phantom tingle or itch, but no real feeling yet. I'm keeping my tongue crossed and trying not to chew it to shreds in the meantime.

Flying out tomorrow night. Won't return until Tues. Debating on delivering a few things that belong to my ex's sister while I'm in town. Might be more driving than I'm willing to do.

I like my new butch hair-do. I suppose it makes me look a bit like a lesbian. George for one (a new co-worker) seemed taken aback when I mentioned I had a boyfriend. It's true, I have always enjoyed checking out attractive women. Sometimes they notice, sometimes they don't. When they do notice, I typically get one of two reactions: either they appear pleasantly flattered, or blatantly annoyed/offended/maybe even scared. Today, the sadist in me took a lot of pleasure from that second reaction in a very sexily-clad female. She looked hot! And, well, if you're going to dress that way, you may as well accept the fact that people are going to check you out- both men and women. So be it. I look like a dike and I think pretty women can be admired by other women. So what. It's not like I'm leering at them or even trying to pick up on them. Just appreciative. Jeez. I, for one, fit in the first group when I notice a woman checking me out. It doesn't happen very often, but I am often flattered. Whereas, men checking me out has a greater tendency to creep me out, but maybe that's because, in large part, the men who check me out are old and kind of lecherous looking.

It's 6:30 already. I was hoping to make it home by 9:30, but it's going to take me two (probably closer to three) hours to process the incoming samples, and the guys haven't even made it back from the field yet. I thought I'd take this lull in my day to update my dear journal. I could be drafting my prospectus or any number of other pressing things that need doing, but then having me-time has gotten rather urgent this week. As G pointed out today, I'm trying to do two weeks of work in four days. But then if I didn't waste my time updating this silly journal... wait, did I update last week? I don't recall. Not important.

I'm going to try my luck with Aquachem. Heaven know as soon as I start doing something truly productive, they will return with the samples. So be it. It all suits my goals.

Wish me luck at the conference!
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