rellen (rellen) wrote,

returned with enthusiasm... sort of

I have returned from the conference. It was both deficient and a great success for the same reason, being an international conference. Due, perhaps, to the difficulty of arriving in the middle of Texas in the middle of August, some presenters did not come, did not present. Thus we all missed out on what promised to be some very interesting presentations. On the other hand, we all got to hear of some of the cutting edge research going on in environmental sciences globally. And of course there was much networking to be done, which I will not elaborate on here.

Needless to say, I have realized there is much to be done (too much really), and have begun in earnest to do it. I will be busier than ever (but hopefully less stressed) with my newfound resolve to get results, literally. The preliminary batch experiments I hope to have underway next week. Still

platinum electrode for Eh measurements (and method!)
prepare talk for SACNAS
science mentor!!!
NSF application

In other news, I got my CA plates for my truck. Shed a tear for me. My own thoughts often frighten me. I hope I don't go crazy like my uncles and my grandmother before them. Or worse, crazier still.
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