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sound check

When the bouncer tells you before a show that the soundcheck sounded great, what he means is "I hope you brought earplugs"

Thus was our latest adventure at the Wiltern. At my behest, we went to see Wolf Parade play with Frog Eyes and Whale(something)? From my days at KVRX, I remember loving Wolf Parade and I remember when I discovered Frog Eyes at insound I was in love, but this...

this show sucked! I mean I know how it is. The soundguy tries to get the band to turn down, tells them they sound great, but the venue is ill-equipped with monitors, so the band compensates by cranking it at the expense of the audience's hearing. This was a closed theatre, designed, by the looks of it, in the 20s and meant for theatre. I don't know much about acoustics. Is something that is ideal for vaudeville versatile enough to withstand the rigour of rock-and-roll? I dunno.

It could just be that the sound guy sucked.

I will never go to another indoor show without carrying ear-plugs. As a concession, I have agreed to let G choose the next show (two shows?) we go to, so it might be a while before I hear live music again. My biggest regret is that I wasted $60 on this night of revulsion when I could have wasted it on a night of revelry... doing any number of things... The Polyphonic Spree is coming to town. So is Willie, the Psychedelic Furs, Cracker, all of these promising to be outstanding. The opportunity is gone. School starts next week, so I will have to buy textbooks, plus I have registration fees to pay and other things besides (dentist, vet). On that note you can read all about our
We have had a sad situation with our eldest cat lately. Several months ago she had two mammaries removed. Since then, the tumor has regrown to about the size of a peanut. For the last two days she has eaten nothing, and groomed minimally. She has been lethargic and cloisters herself under the bed or in the closet. Not behaviour of a healthy, happy beastie. She defecates in corners. She is clearly in pain. G had promised her to take her to the vet only once more (to euthanize her when her pain became too much). I have made a vet appointment for tomorrow because I grow increasingly worried for her (and him). I will take her. G will not break his promise. And hopefully the treatment will be nothing more than antibiotics for a tummy bug that her immune system has had trouble fending off. I have encouraged G. to take off early and meet me at the vet, but nothing is guaranteed with LA traffic.

She has been looking older lately. More grey, sunken face. But she has been, up to now, energetic and happy. I mean she's always had a problem urinating in corners, and occasionally pooping to show her displeasure, but this has been some runny, red, stinky shit. As I have said, I am worried about her. Now you know the gory details of why. Needless to say, hopefully it will have a happy ending.

In other news I think I am having other peoples'dreams again. This one belongs to my ex:
Last night we had pizza. Yummy, yummy deluxe Guido's pizza with everything on it (including anchovies, pineapple, jalapeno, eggplant...) Trust me it was delicious! I had one too many slices with Big Red and, after a series of belches, made myself comfortable on the bed to read the latest issue of The New Yorker- a treat. (It's the education issue. On a side note, I have been leaning more and more toward a career in teaching lately. PhD? Teach? Consult? Field grunt? Weeble-wobble, round and round. Where we stop, no one knows. Maybe I'll just do it all). But enough side-tracking. Back to the dream. Now, it's commonly known that eathing before bed will give you nightmares, and while this is not always true for me, it was last night. I had some VERY, BIZARRE, DREAMS. I wish I had recorded the details sooner as they have mostly slipped away.

I was going out with a girlfriend of mine (a dream friend not real life, which is why I think this dream is not mine. I don't really have any girlfriends. Certainly none that I make dates with). She met me at my house, with my bother (or was it hers?) He reminded me of a deranged, highly mutated version of Mc. He had the innsmouth look. In an extreme way. I mean he looked like somekind of goddamned creepy fish zombie mutant. His eyes were buggy, his demeanor inhuman.Was his flesh green or merely cloaked in algae?

We took him with us to our event- some sort of dinner-theater, gospel-revival kind of get together. It promised to be highly entertaining, reviving, even cathartic. And it was, but not in the way we expected. Most of the others in attendance were black women, y'know, the church-goin' type. We had a table at the rear of the "theatre" and the creep sat with us with a dead look in his eyes, seemingly deaf, dumb, and blind to the world.

The event fizzled before it ever really seemed to get started. The church-goin' types were wondering around digging loose change and other such treasures out from seat cushions and under seatrows. I remember wanting to join them as they were finding some pretty spectacular stuff, or at least stuff that I remeber wanting. But my motivations were selfish and I failed to understand that they were collecting these spectacular trifles to put into the alms box along the windowed wall behind my seated position. At some point, our deranged companion freaked on everyone, like some sort of were-fish trying to convert everything he could to one of his own. We were deadly embarassed. I mean, the show wasn't anything special, but we really ruined it by bringing the horror along.

So there it is, my habitual Thursday update. I almost didn't make it. A couple of weeks ago, I rolled my special die and it came up WORK. I have refused to re-roll it because I know that's what I need to be doing right now and I have been so wrapped up in it, I don't even have time to be stressed (ha!) or do anything else really.

But, truly, I am making good progress (finally).

I am fretful because the gym at school will be closed for three weeks. I think it's very likely I will become moody and depressed without the regular exercise I have grown accustomed to and I am worried how this will affect my productivity. Already I have realized that the soil batches (even just the preliminary investigation) must be put off a little longer until I can get some questions answered and concvince my advisor to purchase the equipment I need.

Tomorrow I am helping Henry with some field work. I will also try to find time in the morning to make a list of the things I'd like to acquire so at least I will have a budget to show THE MAN. This would be so much easier if I had my own NSF grant. I could exercise a little more power in the decision-making process. As it is my advisor is an abhorrent micro-manager. And a shnookie at that. What a waste! I refuse to relate the details of yesterday's incident concerning a particular tripod and aluminum pole. He can shove it you-know-where for all I care, that is, as soon as I get it back.

But I don't want to end on a note like that. I mean, there must be something positive in my sphere.... hmmm, let's see....

productive- check
loved- check
optimistic- check

hey, well, that's a breakthrough. I mean me? optimistic? who woulda thunk it? ;)
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