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I know I must have been dreaming... Around about the same time I won a million dollars in Vegas, paid in cheese and had an adorable little baby girl. I mean brand new. G was there and was very supportive. I met a man in some restaurant waiting area that seemed to know me, or at least was fond of me in a fatherly way. His name was Ryan. I remember this because he wrote me a letter that was there when we got back wishing me all the best and wanting to know how I was doing. I remember writing him a response. One of the closing remarks I made was "I just love being a mother!" and it felt so true. I took babygirl everywhere with me: into the field to do field work, on the bus, into the bank... and it felt so right to just hold her in my arms and share the love. I met an older lady in the bank who just happened to be from Texas. The bank was like a hybrid between the Wamu floorplan and a Vegas casino. There were no slot machines, but the tellers were all dressed in dealers' tuxes, replete with cumberbund and resigned look in the eye. I went up to the lady and plopped down my two bundles of million dollar cheese (they fir easily in my hands, being no larger than a whiffle ball if not a little more solid). I told her I had a million dollars to deposit and that I won it in Vegas. She congratulated me and I could feel my nervousness ebb as the transaction drew to completion. Do you have any idea how nerve-wracking it is to carry around a million dollars worth of cheese? She congratulated us and I asked her where she was from having a hunch she came from Texas. And then I was leaving the bank. And then BEEP/BEEP#BEEP\BEEP*click* 5:10- time to get up.
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