rellen (rellen) wrote,

I am going to start a blog... someday

For now this must suffice.

Heading toward veganism. No more meat at least for now (except fish).
Tonight we had a very white dinner:

Cauliflower and millet pureed with copious dill and some veganaisse- yum!
Tilapia filets with ground horseradish
cauliflower greens sauteed with a little Dulse in safflower oil (no salt needed) - yum!
and Bubbies sauerkraut

Went to a macrobiotics class this weekend and am all inspired now to eat a more balanced diet. I am convinced it will help my performance in all things - especially running.

Next time something really, really good happens, I will post it here. Until I get my blog, where I will tell everyone how I am beating plantar fascitis with running.
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