rellen (rellen) wrote,

Strange trips down memory lane

When music melts your mind
Takes me away to another place in time
I can almost remember what thing felt like back then
But the nostalgia has taken the edge off, sort of

Do I want this stuff dredged up?
I only can let it wash over me.
A childhood home, the way the heart palpitates to think of the effect you once had on me
Never to be again

And all the apologies I owe. Drown me in sorrow, making the past seem like such better days.
I sit and listen. The all washes over me. Can all be at one time? I feel it all. Wanting to well up inside me. All this love and joy and passion. What is it for? Not to be squashed down and contained like some disposable applesauce container, neatly held back by a thin aluminum lid. Love will tell. And all will spill. I must find a way out of the hole I have dug for myself, this creative vacuum is sucking my soul dry.
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